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In the IELTS course, students gain knowledge to understand how to pass the IELTS exam. You will study about about real life topics. Starting from basic English through to complex sentences. You will study complex topics about factual information related to geography, history, economics, business and money, basic maths, crime and punishment, family and friends, food and diet.


As you can't take an IELTS test without knowing basic English. You will study lots of amazing topics accompanied with the curriculum. Each unit of the books and curriculum have specific and  interesting things related to life. Things you will not only use for the IELTS test, however for future things like, traveling and conversating too. Even more, actually!


In addition, you will gain knowledge in taking an IELTS test. You must be able to recognise the tricks and treats. iTeach's specialist trained team of IELTS teachers will guide you through your journey of learning English.


You will practice all of your English skills including speaking, list